The Best Toys for 1-Year-Old Boys and Girls 2018

Want to amuse your one-year-old with some fantastic toys? Here are the ideas-

#1 Kid Walker

Walker can be a cute way to show your toddler your love. As he just starts walking so this will be a great toy for him. Grab a walker that has exciting features like colorful lights, music, and other gears so your little one can keep engaged.

#2 Musical Rhymes Book

The book is full of nursery poems and music that will develop curiosity in your child to explore more and it is surely full of fun. Plus, it motivates him for learning as well while having fun by turning pages and find a new thing on every page. These light and bright colors always seem attractive to little ones.

#3 Octopus Bath Toy

Use this bath toy in the pool of your toddler and see his amusement. The welcoming face always excites the kids and they enjoy their bath time even more.

#4 Highland Cow Soft Toy

If your kid like stuffed toys then gifting him this stuffed cow will be sweet. It is made of the softest fabric plus the real looking color makes him play with it all the time.

#5 Smart Shots Sports Center

See how much your kid is into sports by giving him this sports center. It is a toy that blends both basketball and soccer so your little one never goes out of fun. It is also good for physical development. To know more about the kid’s toys you can click here to visit the toys review experts and gather toys info that you should offer your kids.

#6 Float and Play Bubbles

Another water toy that will surely make your kid to take a bath every day. These are plastic balls and each of them includes a friendly animal character into it. These toys stay upright when you pour them in the water pool and give a great bath experience.

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30 Best Toys & Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys In 2018