Mattress Buying Guide – How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

Nowadays there are numerous different varieties of mattresses available in the market and you could be in a total dilemma in deciding about the right mattress to buy. There are varied things one should be aware of before going to purchase the mattress as mattress are bought for a long-term usage and does not come cheap at all. You need to shell out a good amount to purchase a good mattress. There are various shops which accept Brentwood Home Coupon and you could provide the same to buy the mattress.

Tips to keep in mind while shopping for the mattress

Lie down- If it’s possible, do try out the mattress by lying down. You can ask the salesperson to give you some time to check the mattress. Try lying down on both sides and on your back to feel the comfort it offers you.  However, some shops don’t allow you to try out the mattress before you buy. In such cases, you need to check their return policy.

Return policy- You need to ensure that you go through the return policies thoroughly. Buy from those shops who offer full credit towards buying another mattress or refund of money. The return period usually offered by the retailers is from 2 weeks to 120 days.

Understand the warranty- The warranty of the mattress is for 10 to 20 years. It would cover all the manufacturing defects like broken or loose coil wires and sag.

Delivery day- You should never accept the mattress delivery without proper inspection. Also, make sure that the mattress comes with a label which states that ‘all-new material’ before you ask the delivery boy to leave. Call the customer support team if you find anything wrong with it immediately and take photos so that you could provide it as proof for the damage.