Tips Choosing Cheap Wedding Decorations That Look Expensive

A lot of bride’s love using things like Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter to plan out their weddings, getting this many ideas from these social media platforms and into your brain for the ultimate wedding day is a great idea, unfortunately so many of these platforms give us ideas that are so mind-numbingly expensive. Because we don’t have that much money in order to plan out our weddings, getting good ways to get a good wedding on a tight budget can be an extremely difficult task that most people cannot seem to handle. So, instead of deciding to add more fuel to the fire when it comes to adding more money to your already tight budget. We’ve created these great tips in this article to help you make your wedding appear to be much more expensive than what it really is. You don’t want your wedding photos to look like crap do you? If you don’t, listen up to these tips:

Use your wedding cake as a centerpiece

Adding food to a table can become an easy way to make your place look much more expensive than it actually is, it also makes the centerpiece look better and more expensive even though it really isn’t. Get some nice flowers, wine bottles and Italian meats and cheeses for the guests to enjoy. Add some champagne and some artisan art to make the centerpiece look even better.

Look inside your house to see if you have any décor lying around

You can be quite blown away by the number of things you can find inside your house that are good for wedding décor, look for things like candles, wine bottles, foods, flowers, books and other decorative items that can be placed around the house.

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