A First Time Pet Owner’s Guide: Choosing the Right One for You

Is this going to be your first pet dog? Don’t worry I have covered you up and I bring you some amazing tips that you need as being a first-time dog owner. There are some fixed aspects that you need to check to help you better with dog ownership.

#1 Size

First, determine the size of your dog. Should it be a small breed or a big one? Do you have enough level of room for your dog if you are choosing a big one? Does your landlord allow for a dog and especially from a big breed? Ask you all these questions and in this way you’ll get to know a perfect size that you should own.

#2 Activity Level

The second important factor because every dog needs some activities and that means you need ample space for him. Well, activity level differs as per the breed so once you decide the size, it is time to look for the activeness that you want in a dog. If you own a mansion or a bungalow, the activity level is not a limit but if you live in an apartment, it can be a limit so choose your dog accordingly.

The main activity that every dog needs is a walk with you every morning and evening and you need this to take your little dog walking.

#3 Grooming Needs

Every breed demands different grooming levels, so pay attention to this factor as well. If you are a busy professional, then choose the breed that needs the least amount of grooming or maintenance whereas a free soul can pick up any breed as you have plenty of time to look after your dog.


Veterinary can be expensive sometimes so it is recommended to do dog insurance.



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