Guaranteed low price for different picture print sizes

I had thrown a party to entertain the entire extended family on the occasion of the marriage of my eldest son and I wanted to be able to have a great interior done in the hall where I was hosting all of them. Even though a lot of themes were presented for approval by the company, there was one that stood out. It was a theme called “nostalgia” it involved decorating the hall with old photographic prints of how the family looked a few years ago with all the events and the looks etc. I thought this summed up a lot of things to look to. So, we decided to go ahead with this theme as planned.

Now, the old photographs were all pulled up and my we had quite a wealth of them!

We decided to blow up all of them and have them all over the place so that the nostalgia around them can be rendered. But when we hired a photographer to do the job, he was apathetic.

The first lot of picture was pathetic:

There was no sharpness in the images and also the pictures were smudgy and dark at places. On being questioned he said that this is the best that can be done. That rogue did not even refund the advance amount that was given to him.

However, with very few days left for the get together, I decided to take the matter into my hand and got on to a website called and ordered a couple of prints for sample. I spoke to their customer care telling them that I would be requiring 200 prints and she was kind enough to make the samples at discounted rates.

When the sample prints came in, I was impressed! The pictures were perfect. They had the sharpness of the original pictures and the pixels were adjusted too to get the colored photos extracted from some of the black and white ones. I am grateful to the lord that things went really well. The theme and the get together were a great success. Everyone blessed the new couple and left happy to see their younger selves in the photos as well!…

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