Top 5 Money-Saving Tips from a Coupon Clipper

Till very recently, I belonged to a group of people whom you would never term as savvy shoppers. I had no clue how everyone was saving enough money and in spite of having so many more commitments than I had.

When I set out to understand, I was surprised that I was doing something very basic so wrong. If only I had the far sight, I could have saved so much money by now. Was there use of crying over spilled milk anymore?

But here are five money saving tips from me after my experience of being a coupon clipper for five and a half months:

  1. Make a list of the things that you buy frequently for yourself and your family. Don’t for heaven’s sake go on coupon hunting and clipping trip; it will not just create clutter and convince you to buy something that you never wanted.

  1. Keep the coupons handy. Carry them in your wallet or your phone case so that you are not out shopping and the coupons are not stacked somewhere in the kitchen drawer. That can be awkward.

  1. Pay attention to sales and promotional Combining coupons when there is a sale and offers simultaneously can mean bumper savings. The only thing you will need to take care of is the use by date.

  1. Go for apps like CouponoBox. They are convenient, they are fast and they are perfect to use. Clipping and saving coupons are the best things to do. Move away physically clipping them and ending up with additional clutter.

  1. Consider signing up with your grocers for getting loyalty points added. This is one of the best things to do. Additionally sign up for their newsletters too so that you know what to expect in the coming weeks and can plan the shopping for your pantry.

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