A Complete Home Renovation Checklist

It could be a daunting task when you plan to invest money for home renovation and not sure where to begin the work. There would be so many aspects that would require renovation and its better if you could use a checklist to get more ideas. Also, it helps in setting off the action plan and ensures that you don’t miss out any important things.

Checklist for home renovation


  • Ask a professional to inspect the roof, downpipes, etc
  • Get an inspection done in the attic too
  • Check if a new coat of paint is required or not
  • Examine the doors and windows for wear and tear


  • If you got carpets, you can replace them with the laminated hardwood floors
  • If you got tiled floors in bathroom or kitchen, you can renew it for a modern look


  • Consider replacing the galvanized, older pipes with copper piping
  • Get the older sewer pipes checked as it could get obstructed by the passage of time. It might have to be replaced or cleaned out
  • Replace all the outdated plumbing fixtures


  • Treat the walls like a blank canvas, and think of various creative ideas for decorating your walls
  • You could plan to opt for blinds instead of curtains and vice versa to give the rooms a new appearance
  • If your existing furniture requires a facelift, you can add in new cushions to give a new look
  • You can get a new air-conditioning system if the old one is worn out. Check out options here Air Conditioning Perth WA


  • If you are on a tight budget, you can do smaller changes like replacing the handles, putting up new plug points, etc.
  • You can change the look of cabinets by adding glass doors to cabinets or putting up wine shelves