The Ultimate Single Man’s Shopping List

Eating out may not be a choice for many men either because of budget constraints or for health reasons. Grocery shopping is not their domain and hence they are often daunted by shopping in this section of a supermarket but in reality, shopping for oneself is fairly simple, easy and even fun if you know what to buy and how much to buy.

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To begin with, you must assign a budget for your groceries. Next, you must plan your meals for the week so that you know exactly what you want and are not overspending on stuff you won’t be using.

It is a good thing to stock your refrigerator with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits as they occupy the prime position in the food pyramid. In case you don’t have time for chopping and cleaning go for the frozen vegetables they are equally nutritious.

Follow it up with whole grains, beans, and other proteins. You can also choose canned beans and canned tomatoes which incidentally are more nutritious than the fresh ones.

Stock up on almonds and walnuts for the Omega 3 fats essential for normal functioning of the body.

Oatmeal must find a spot in your list because it is rich in antioxidants and can be used in a variety of forms.

Moving on to oils always go for extra virgin oil which can be used for your salads and stir-fries. Keep butter to maybe just one slab a week.

Add on the canned tuna, fresh mackerel, grass-fed beef and a few lean pork chops and you are set for the week to begin.

These are the basic ingredients besides the staple bread that you can play around with to produce a healthy meal each time you cook for yourself.

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